Thursday, 22 January 2009

Public Service Reminder

A four year old boy plus a can of soda stolen from the fridge without permission plus a cable box will result in an inconvenient trip to the cable store to get a new one.

Which Animal Says...

Yesterday, Little One was laying on the floor while I changed her diaper. Apple was sitting next to her, showing her a book of animals and telling her what each says. Little One was doing a great little job repeating all of her moos, quacks, and chirps. Then Apple coughed, and Little One repeated her with the cutest little fake cough!


A follow-up note to the story of C-Ray saying that the cleaning aisle at Wal-Mart smelled like Aunt J: Apple was not with us that day and had no idea that he had ever made that comment. She did come with us this week, and as we walked down that aisle, she said, "Mom, it smells really good right here. It smells like Aunt J's house!"

Monday, 19 January 2009

Old as the Hills

This morning, as I was combing Faithie's hair for school, she asks me, "Mom, did they have a vaccine for chickenpox when you were born?" I replied, "No, it hadn't been invented yet." Her answer? "Yeah, I didn't think so. We learned in school that way back in the old days, like when you were little, they didn't have the vaccine for chickenpox yet." Gee, thanks...

In the Mind of a Four Year Old Boy

Some recent conversations with C-Ray:

We were in his room getting pj's on. Mack had indeed come home, but I'm not sure if Colin saw him or not.
Colin: "It smells like Dad is home."
Me: "Oh really? What does Dad smell like?"
Colin: "Strawberries."

At Wal-Mart (the very next day), we were walking down the cleaning/air fresheners aisle.
Colin: "Mmmm... it smells good right here."
Me: "What does it smell like?"
Colin: "Aunt J"
I'm pretty sure he meant Aunt J'shouse, not Aunt J herself, but it was still good for a chuckle.

Colin steps on the bathroom scale and exclaims, "Mom! I got even taller!"