Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Stupid Dog

Yesterday, Apple and C-Ray were playing quite nicely together for more than five minutes in Faithie and Apple's room (that event alone is enough to post about, but there is a story to follow). I came upstairs, completely unbeknownst to them, to deposit some laundry in my bedroom (not an event worth posting about).

As I came to the top of the stairs, I heard Apple say, "Stupid! Stupid!" I was quite sure, without hearing any of the preceding conversation, that C-Ray was the subject of her... adjectives, so I started to open my mouth to correct her for unkind name-calling. Before I could get the words out, I heard the following conversation:

Apple: "C-Ray, we're pretending that you are a puppy and your name is Stupid."
C-Ray: "Okay!"
Apple: "Stupid! Come here, Stupid! Lay down, Stupid Dog!"
C-Ray: (happy) "Woof!"

I continued down the hall, glad to have escaped giving the lecture (this time). I think that if we ever do get a dog, I am going to name it Stupid.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


No, I don't have any pics to post (sorry) but I do have two funny things the kids have said (sorry again- I am one of "those" parents).

We flew to Seattle for Christmas to spend the holiday with Mack's family. On our way home we had a layover in Minneapolis. We got all the kids off the plane and immediately headed for the restrooms. Mack volunteered to take C-Ray with him, and C-Ray actually consented to go (yes, this is a big deal, as C-Ray has "issues" with anyone but Mommy seeing him in a... private setting). When Mack got into the restrooms, he found the stalls to be filthy so he informed C-Ray that he was going to go standing up (a first for our man-child). C-Ray's little venture was successful (and, amazingly enough, scream-free), and as he was going he says to Mack, "I gotta show this to Apple!"

This weekend we took the kids on a spur-the-moment little trip to the Wisconsin Dells. It was a great time, except that Little One did not sleep very well. As a result, Mommy did not sleep very well and was pretty tired as we sat at breakfast Sunday morning. Banter began between Mom and Dad about whether or not Mommy would fall asleep on the car ride home. I maintained that I would not, while Mack replied that he knew me better than that. Apple says to me, "Mom, you can't sleep in the van. What if we need to ask you something?" (Let me give you the Mom Translation: "Mom, if you are sleeping in the car, there will be no one for me to whine to. Who will I ask every five minutes how much longer until we are home? Who will I tell every ten minutes that I am hungry? Who will listen to me say how bored I am? What will be the point in saying, every 20 minutes, that I have to go to the bathroom, whether I really do or not? Who will tell me things I already know, like that my coloring book is in my backpack, when I ask seven different times?) Oh yeah, did I mention that the car ride to the Dells is only an HOUR AND A HALF??