Friday, 27 June 2008

Making a Splash

Yesterday we went to a friend's house to swim. My friend's daughter Hampster is 14 and is great with the kids. This is her jumping off the edge with them...

Just floating around
Jumping again...
And again...

This is the first "big pool" where C-Ray has been able to touch the bottom. He decided all on his own to take off his floatie and try swimming. He took off like a fish!
When we got back inside, Little One decided all on her own to take about 6 steps. All in all, a pretty productive day for the Mack children...

Monday, 23 June 2008

Another One

Well it just happened. I knew it was going to. Faithie just lost her other upper eyetooth, so she has four in a row missing up top. It looks hilarious!

What the Kids Thought Were Appropriate Poses During the "Fathers Day Photo Shoot"

Happy Father's Day

Every year for Father's Day, I try to take some new pics of the kids for Big Mack to hang in his office. These are some of the better ones we came up with time.

A Few More


Faithie has lost 7 teeth in the past 10 months. The adult teeth for the first 2 that she lost are about halfway in. The other 5? Completely empty. The two most recent "losses" occured the same day. She lost one upper front tooth Saturday morning, then the eye tooth next to it that afternoon- Little One knocked it out. I mean, it was loose anyway and Little One just bumped it out while they were playing. We don't have a freakishly strong, abusive baby or anything. So, she has 3 teeth in a row missing across the top, plus two eye teeth on the bottom, and the middle ones on the bottom only halfway in. I really don't know how she's eating. Not to mention, the toothfairy is going broke...

I'll try to get a picture of her today to post.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Nice Old Lady

I went to Wal-Mart today. With all four kids. I wonder if I will ever go to Wal-Mart again and NOT be the lady with all the rowdy kids that all the other shoppers are staring at. I also wonder if I will ever go to Wal-Mart again without fighting the urge to cry by the time I am finished. C-Ray was unusually rowdy, even for himself. Little One screamed at the top of her lungs the ENTIRE time I was waiting in the checkout line and checking out. And she has a VERY loud scream. She stopped the moment she got in her carseat. There was an older lady checking out in front of us. As the checker girl finished scanning all of her items, Nice Old Lady picks up the box of Nutty Bars she was buying and offers them to me, saying, "I would like to give these to you for your children." Of course I protested, and she says (no joke), "No really, I want you to have them. You need them more than I do."

Go Fly A Kite

We took the kids to fly kites on Saturday down at Lake Michigan. I came home with a few pulled muscles in the vicinity of my ribcage, a rope burn, a blood blister under my fingernail on my right index finger, and the heel of my left hand completely bruised. Yes, from a kite. Don't think I'll be signing up for the Milwaukee Kite Festival anytime soon, but the kids had a blast. Oh, and a sunburn...

Monday, 9 June 2008

A Couple of Funnies

Last week, C-Ray and I were both sitting in the family room. He was on the couch, doing absolutely nothing, and I was on the floor, spraying Shout on just about every article of clothing the kids own.
Anyway, he says to me, "Mom, I want to watch a show."
Appalled by his lack of manners, I coached him until he asked the "right way."
Then, he says, "Mom, get the remote and turn one on."
Very frustrated at his rudeness, I replied, "C-Ray, if you want to watch a show, you will get the remote yourself and bring it to me."
His whining reply? "But Mom, I'm too busy sitting."

On Saturday we went to a wedding. The whole family. All six of us. I was a very thankful mommy that Uncle M and Aunt J were there to help. But I digress from the point of the story. On Sunday, Apple says to me, "Mom, I've never been to a wedding where they had games before."
Trying to figure out what she could be talking about, I asked, "Like what? That you got to dance the Hokie Pokie?"
She answers, "No, when the married girl closed her eyes and spinned around and threw her flowers and the girl who caught them won."