Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Fun with Spades

One of the girls who babysits for us sent me some pictures she took with the kids.


Uncle Matt said...

Mikayla and Autumn, you two are so pretty! You are growing up so much! When you get some time, would you color me a picture to hang in my office? Pleeeeassseeee? ( :

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Hey Amacks!! Welcome to the world of blog - thanks for joining the ranks! We miss you guys - we think of and pray for you guys often. And your names come up on a regular basis - the other day it was while we were watching the movie "Facing the Giants" (good clean movie - slightly corning acting), and David kept saying, "That guy reminds me of Nate Amack."

The kids look great! And it's awesome to see you involved with the youth group too - we miss interacting with you guys on that level. We could recruit you to come to CA just to be a part of our youth staff!

6packB said...

amy - the kids are so big! collin has lost the baby look and looks like a big boy now. does autumn still have curls or not so much? they are as cute as ever. by the way - love the blog name! we miss you guys.

Big Mack & Fries said...

Hi guys-
Thanks for the comments! We miss all of you too! Colin is definitely not a baby anymore! Autumn has no curls- it is very sad!

Matt & Nicki said...

Gotta love all those red heads. .. hey you need to post some belly pictures soon:)

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

I'm loving the "Things I Have Learned From Having Kids" - and the list won't stop growing any time soon!

You're in our thoughts and prayers - we miss you guys!