Monday, 25 June 2007

A Few "Before" Pics of the House

I have been telling some of you how ridiculously bright some of the colors are in our "new" house- here is some proof

The orange living room, which doesn't look so bad in this picture, but is very peachy
The bright blue dining room- from the back corner looking at the front door, you can see the living room across the entry-way
The bright blue dining room from the living room.

I'll post some of the rest of the house sometime soon.


David said...

I love the pictures of the house - thanks for posting them. You're right, the colors are a bit outlandish.

What, you have your 4th child and find all kinds of extra time to do blog posts? Looks like I have some catching up to do - both blog post and having more children!

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Wait - that last comment was from me, Esther, not David. I forgot to check who I was logged in as! Love yo guys!

6packB said...

Amy, what in the world? You are making the rest of us look bad. Well, me at least. I have been using Zofia for an excuse for all sorts of things until now. You have an updated blog and facebook? You supermom, you! I hope this means Kendra Kate is a good baby for you. By the way - love that name. Kate is adorable as the middle name for her. Good job. She sure is a cutie and I hope you enjoy every blessed moment with her. I know you have been painting and am not sure if you painted these rooms or not. I think I really like that living room color. And I can't tell exaclty what color of blue that is. It looks a little diff in these picures. I would probably like that too! What do you think of a painted ceiling? Hope you are getting some rest. Congrats to you and Nate both from both of us!