Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Don't Rock the Boat

During our visit to Minnesota in July, we got to spend an afternoon out on Uncle M and Aunt J's boat. This is always a highlight for Mom, Dad, and Faithie, and an upsetting event for Apple and C-Ray. Apple usually spends the first hour or so screaming, "It's too fast," "I don't like it," and "It's rocking too much." Of course, as any good, concerned parent would, I respond to that last complaint by singing, "Don't rock the boat, baby..." and Apple looks at me as if I'm crazy. After awhile things settle down and screaming subsides into wimpering and a good time is had by... well, most.
Daddy driving the boat, Apple and C-Ray with Aunt J, and Mommy and Faithie on the tube behind.
Apple and C-Ray... see how much they are enjoying themselves?
C-Ray after being thrown off his seat onto the floor of the boat... is he having fun yet?
Apple in Aunt J's lap, where she usually stays for most of the ride (Aunt J is much more sympathetic than Mom!) Notice how C-Ray is actually laughing... must be at his sister's expense.
Thanks Uncle M and Aunt J! We really did have a great time!

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