Friday, 16 November 2007


On Monday morning, Apple and C-Ray decided to put on their swimsuits and run around the house, pretending they were swimming. They stayed inside the house, it was reasonably warm out for Wisconsin in November (58 degrees), and I was sick, so I just let it go. As the morning wore on, Apple got bored with the game and changed back into her clothes. C-Ray, however, was still in his swimtrunks at 4:30 in the afternoon. My "mom-mind" said to me, "It's going to start getting dark out and it will get chillier in the house." (Only a mom, right?) So, I said to him, "C-Ray, you may keep your swimsuit on but you need to at least put on a shirt," and braced myself for arguments. He simply said, "Why? Am I getting a sunburn?"

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Matt & Nicki said...

LOVE this story!! how great is that!