Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Good Hair Days

Yesterday C-Raywas in the bathroom with me while I fixed my hair- a somewhat lengthy process, as anyone who attempts to straighten naturally wavy hair will tell you. Anyway, when I arrived at the end of my little "hair-journey," I commented to him, "C-Ray, Mom's having a good hair day today." He looks in the mirror and says, "Yeah, so am I."

On a similar note, as I combed Apple's hair into ponytails a few minutes later, she complained because she wanted her hair in one ponytail instead of two. Here is the conversation that transpired:
Apple: "Mom, I don't want my hair in two ponytails. I don't like the way it looks."
Mom: "Well, I think it looks cute. Who do you think knows more about how to make hair look good- you or Mom?"
Apple: "Ummm.... I'm not sure."

Smart girl

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Matt & Nicki said...

That is Hillarious! What a clever little girl you have there:)