Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bella and Keif

Who's idea was it to have parakeets as pets? Let me see how I can put this so that the astute can read through the lines. Mack and I came home from a meeting Monday night and BlueSky was... "sick" in the bottom of his cage. Not wanting her to wake up to this discovery on her first day of school, we told Faithie how we had to take him to the "vet," then Daddy "brought him home" last night after he was feeling better. Daddy also brought home a friend for him, to keep him company since the girls will be in school, and also to help keep each other warm, so they don't get any more colds. Peanut named the new girl bird Bella, and Daddy suggested that since Faithie had gotten to pick out two names, and Peanut got to pick one out, that C-Ray get to "rename" BlueSky. He picked Keif (one of the "big boys" that is a really good friend of the family is named Keith but Colin can't say "th." We thought it was pretty much hilarious). We have figured out that we have to limit fumes in the house, and put a blanket on 3 sides of the cage when the windows are open. Hopefully our luck will change in the bird department...
Keif is "hand trained" so we should be able to take him out of the cage within a few days, once he gets used to seeing our faces. Bella isn't trained at all, so it might be awhile before she gets used to us. I'll post some pics out of the cage, with the kids, when I am able to get some.

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