Monday, 27 April 2009

Bye Bye Birdies

Well, we had an incident today involving, C-Ray, the cat, and the birds in a confined space. The birds are fine, but Mom was traumatized enough that she decided it was finally time for the birdies to find a new home. I have arrangements with a lady who is supposed to come and get them tomorrow. I broke the news to Faithie, who cried her eyes out and locked herself in a room with them to "spend some time with them" before they left. Let it be known that she hasn't spent more than 5 consecutive minutes with them since a week after they arrived in our home. After those tactics garnered no sympathy from me, I found a note on my desk. There is a picture of a bird drawn on one side, and the following note on the other:

Dear Mom,
I wish you could give me another chane (chance). I konw (know) I haven't been giveing them food and water. I promie (promise) I will tack (take) better care of them. (Picture of a crying face drawn here)

I must be a horrible mom because I wanted to laugh hysterically. And I don't feel the least bit bad about giving her birds away. I am proud however, of her writing skills and knowledge of proper format for a letter- I think it's pretty good for a first grader- all that tuition is paying off!


hayamack said...

Your not a horrible, mother! That is hilarious, I love it. Poor Mikayla! She wont even miss them in a week or two.

Bibby said...

No, you are not a horrible mom. You are giving your child a real life lesson to learn that we have to be responsible for our own actions. You are standing strong, proving to your children that no amount of antics will overrule the decisions of those in authority over them. I am proud of you.