Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Mind of a Five Year Old

Every night when I tuck C-Ray into bed, I wait to hear what questions he will ask. Tonight's questions were paricularly extensive. Here is what I can remember:

-What causes earthquakes?
-What do earthquakes look like?
-Does the ground crack open?
-Should we go in the basement if there's an earthquake?
-Should we go outside if there is an earthquake?
-Can tornados suck up houses?
-Do tornados cause earthquakes?
-Why did God make tornados and earthquakes?
-Can you go to heaven even if you're not buried?
-Will we have blood in heaven?
-How tall is God?
-How old is God?
-What does "survive" mean?
-Are there earthquakes in Wisconsin?
-Are there tornados in Wisconsin?
-Why didn't the people in Canada go into their basements during the earthquake? (Note: I did correct him that the earthquake was in Haiti, not Canada)
-What's a hut?
-Can the people in Haiti move to somewhere else?

It was somewhere about this point that I told him I needed to go see why Little One was out of bed and put her back. I did reassure him about 5 times that there usually aren't earthquakes in Wisconsin, so he didn't need to be worried. I did NOT tell him that my trip next week is to the Dominican Republic, which is on the same island as Haiti- I didn't think that can of worms needed to be opened in his little mind...

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