Monday, 23 April 2007

Flowers From Another Man

As I was trying to get myself together this afternoon to pick up Faithie and her carpool from school, I heard C-Ray come in the back door calling, "Mommy, mommy, have a su-pwise for you." I will (shamefully?) admit that my stomach sank and I held my breath to see what new mess I was going to have to clean up. I then saw the little handful of dandelions he had picked from the yard, accompanied by a very proud-of-himself grin, and Apple in the background, obviously very proud of herself for the role she played in this little scene. My mind quickly flashed back to springtime about two years ago, when I called Mack in a panic after discovering one-year old C-Ray EATING dandelions (see "Things I Have Learned from Having Kids). Now, only two short years later, I get to hear, "Mommy, I bought you fwoyers." My heart smiles as my tiny vase of dandelions slowly wilts on my kichen windowsill.


the J Force said...

What a great story Amy! Our kids do have a nack of reminding us we are human and indeed have many flaws - despite our own insistance that we know best. How great your family looks! We miss you greatly!
Beth Webster

Jay said...

Is it really true that eating dandelions is comparable to eating broccoli? Great story.

Big Mack & Fries said...

It is absolutely true that dandelions are very nutritious. You can make dandelion soup or put them in salad, but evidently they are very bitter... things you never knew.