Thursday, 19 April 2007

Our (long) Short List

As many people have been asking me about names for our new addition, I thought I would post the list of what we have it narrowed down to (at least for today). Comments are welcome and we might even listen!

First name:
-Aubrey (will it be confusing with Autumn?)

Middle name:

The first and middle names are obviously still at the "mix and match" stage. So that's it... what do we think?


Matt & Nicki said...

Kendra Hope! That is my vote--I love it!

Big Mack & Fries said...

Thanks Nic! That is my vote too, but Hope is a hard sell where Nate is concerned. Right now it would more likely be Kendra Paige.

Melodie Layne said...

hey there! hows it goin? i must say, i like the name kendra hope as well!! but kedra paige works too! either way, congratulations!!!

Bibby said...

Nana and Papa vote for Peyton Hope

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

My vote is with Nate - Kendra Paige. But Kendra Hope would go with the other girl's middle names - Grace and Faith, right?

Big Mack & Fries said...

Yes, my plan was to go with Hope to continue our little theme, but Nate just doesn't like the name. I am consenting to Paige or Kate because they also "match" our other kids middle names- all are one syllable with a long A

6packB said...

Amy, Paige is not completely breaking the pattern because Collin already did that! And your right, the "a" has the same sound. Does Nate like any other names like Joy or ... I don't know maybe there aren't any more?!! Good luck!

Big Mack & Fries said...

As far as other "attribute" names, I have suggested everything I can think of, down to the almost ridiculous (Joy, Charity, Glory, Justice, Liberty, Love, etc) and Nate doesn't like ANY of them!