Monday, 14 July 2008

Lost in Translation

This morning C-Ray came into the kitchen and announced to me, "Mom, I got dressed all by myself today. Dad didn't even help me." Teasing him, I responded, "Wow C-Ray. Pretty grown up. Are you gonna move out, get your own place?" His reply: "No, I don't know where my church clothes are."

While playing outside today the kids discovered a piece of pizza "forgotten" out in the playset during an impromptu picnic last night. When I told them to bring it in and put it in the garbage because we might get "ants & rats & who knows what else," Apple looked at me quizzically and asked, "We'll get dancing rats??"

Yesterday at lunch, we were trying to explain to the kids who Michael the Archangel is. Faithie, getting the idea and trying to put it in her own words says, "So he's on top of all the angels?"

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Sarah T said...

That is sooo adorable!