Sunday, 21 December 2008

C-Ray's Christmas Notions

-The other day C-Ray pronounced Jesus, "King of the Juice"

-At Wal-Mart, C-Ray asked for some random toy. I told him maybe Santa would bring it to him. He replied, "Mom, don't be silly. Santa would never bring me that." Smart kid.

-We are going through the "What God Wants for Christmas" set. It's very neat- there is a little cardboard stable and 7 nights of little "gifts." Each gift is a different character of the Nativity. The last night answers the question "What does God want for Christmas?" and in the box is a mirror. Anyway, every night the kids are guessing who they think will be in the box. C-Ray's guess every night is Baby Jesus.

-"Mom is it still Christmas time?"
"Yes, C-Ray."
"Then why haven't there been any presents yet?"

-"Mom, I want a lizard and a rhinocerous for Christmas. And that's it."

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